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Pilot Logbook Printing Service

A4paperAt Logbookair for our printing service we use a special A4 short-grain direction 100g/m²  paper.  This paper is optimum  for  printing, writing  and most importantly for hard-bound logbooks. If you wish to change the dimensions of your logbook we have the equipment to professionally cut the  paper at the size of your choice and provide you with the option of selecting both color or black & white printing.



Choosing Between Color or Black & White Logbook Printing

pilot logbook printing by logbookairUsually the logbook pages are in black & white and thus color printing will unnecessarily increase printing cost. It’s a good technique to print with color only the pages with your  flight summaries and statistics that will be included in the beginning or at the end of your logbook.

With this technique you can further enhance the professional look of your logbook without incurring extra costs for color printing all your PDF file.

When selecting our logbook products you have the option for color printing the first pages of your logbook that might include a logo or statistics from your flying records and the rest of the pages in black and white.

Another important factor for printing is to use the appropriate paper type.

Printing paper in the market has various sizes, brightness, coating, grain direction and weights. It is important to select the right paper that will be appropriate for logbook printing. It should give to your logbook a professional look and feel, allow for double side printing and facilitate writing either for pilot signatures or for getting stamps and signatures from your airline usually on the last 3 logbook pages.

If you decide to Hard Bound your printed logbook in order to have the same quality with the traditional jeppesen hand written logbook then it is essential that the paper has the right grain direction. Most commercial A4 sheets have fibres that run parallel with the longer dimension of the sheet(Long Grain Paper). If this paper is used for printing then the Hard-Bound  process will probably not work and might fail with time

If you use the Wrong grain direction for Hard Bound Logbook Binding you could encounter any or all of these problems:

  • Pages resist turning
  • Paper edges are wavy
  • Binding edge is bulky and distorted
  • Pages flare outward
  • Book snaps closed when you try to open it