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Excel or CSV flight records to JAR-FCL Logbook

Convert your electronic flight records into a JAR-FCL compliant Logbook.

Quite often  airlines or employers give your flight records in an excel or csv file and then you need to convert them into a JAR-FCL compliant pdf in order to print and bind your Pilot Logbook.

excel to logbook conversion

You can now upload your flight records in excel or csv format and we will give you a quote and the time we need depending on the complexity of the file to convert your flight records into a PDF file that is JAR FCL compliant.

Additionally if you need a complete logbook solution we can print and bind professionally your electronic flight records and turn them into a High Quality Pilot Logbook or Binder with your Full Name and Licence No imprint on the Front cover and printed on the bottom of each logbook page.

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