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I am Antonis  founder of Logbookair, a company that specialises on electronic logbook printing and binding services.

Since I started my flying career I used to log my flights initially in excel sheets and later on using electronic logbook software.  The latter significantly reduce the time needed to log our flights, the hassle of making all the necessary calculations for every column and page and allow us to export and print our records in the appropriate FAA/JAA/EASA PDF format.

I had a lot of difficulties initially to set up correctly my home printer for double side printing and more importantly to find a book binding service to publish my logbook professionally with the look and feel of the traditional jeppesen hand-written logbook. I went to several local book stores that offered a book binding service but only coil, comb and thermal bindings where available. The required Hard-Bound binding was occasionally available but only on the longer dimension of the A4 sheet, which was not appropriate for a Pilot Logbook.

This type of binding requires that the fibres of the paper run parallel to the book binding side, and in the case of pilot logbooks this is the shorter dimension of the A4 sheet. Most A4 paper in the market are long-grain, which means that their fibres run parallel to the longer dimension of the sheet. If you cannot find short-grain paper then you need to cut a longer size paper to the appropriate grain direction.Having solved this problem I made my first Hard-Bound Pilot Logbook back in 2010 and thereafter several colleagues asked for my help.

I have founded Logbookair in order to take out all the hassle of logbook printing and binding and save valuable time and money for Pilots. Logbookair now consists of a team of experts in digital printing, book binding  and design of new pilot products and has the scale to deliver quality products at affordable prices!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello there! I would be interested in having my logbooks binded and also have an electronic version of my logged hours. Could you help me with that?
    Thanks for your help
    Captain Giancarlo Zuccarino

  2. Hello Giancarlo,

    Can you email us at office@logbookair.com with more information about your logbook so we can help you?

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